Villa Roma is a unique restaurant combining Argentine and Italian flavors. Our cuisine combination was inspired by “La Boca”, a neighborhood of the Argentine capital. La Boca is located in the city’s southeast near the old port. In the early 1900’s, Argentina had over 2 million Italian immigrants, most of them settled in this southeastern part of the country because of the similarity to their port town named Genoa, Italy.

La Boca is a popular tourist destination in Argentine. It’s know for its colorful houses and pedestrian street, “El Caminito”, where street tango artist perform, musicians, tango memorabilia is sold and tango music drifts through the air from one restaurant bar to another.

We decided to continue history and bring the Argentine and Italians flavors to Orange County. Just as La Boca retains a strong Italian flavor, we retain our unique Argentine and Italian cuisine flavor.

Victor Moya: Victor is the founder of Villa Roma. He came to the United States from Argentina in 1984. Victor originally opened an Italian Restaurant “Villa Roma” in 1993 in the Saddleback Valley Plaza in Lake Forest, California. After several times going back to Argentine, he began to introduce the argentine flair in his Italian restaurant. Due to remodeling, the closure of the shopping center forced him to relocate to Laguna Hills and open as a full Argentine and Italian cuisine in 2005.

Leo Razo: Leo is the co-founder of Villa Roma. He came to the United States in the early 1990’s from Mexico. Leo has known and worked with Victor Moya since the original opening of Villa Roma in 1993. Before becoming the chef and owner of Villa Roma, Leo had shared his talents in well-known restaurants like Carmelo’s in Corona del Mar, Viva Italia in Laguna Beach and Sea Cliff Country Club in Huntington Beach. Leo enjoys delighting people with unique culinary adventures and has purposely traveled extensively throughout Argentina and Italy to study their culture, food and history.